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We are different that other dating sites.  We do not show you pictures and then the guys pick the pretty girls, who most likely have boyfriends already.  We also do not charge you for this service.  And we require proof that you are who you are, and they are who they say they are.  Basic concepts, but no one else seems to care.

First, about the pictures.  They are separated from the rest of the information.  We will let you judge the beauty contest, and to be judged by the beauty contest.  But the result is where you stand, not what they look like.  You get to see what they look like before the date, but not before the selection process is almost done.

We will never charge you for using this web site.  We will run a few ads, but not many.  For example, there are no ads on this page.  The websites that charge you make more money if they do not find a match for you.  The longer you look, the more they make.

Do you want to go out with someone when you know nothing about them?  Really?  Do you think anyone else will want to do the same with you?  One reason to use dating sites is to find someone you don’t know.  But in order to trust them, you need to see some ID.  No anonymous entries, and no lying about your vitals either.